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Gifts Under $300

K19 Plate Carrier MulticamK19 Plate Carrier Multicam Side
K19™ Plate Carrier 3.0 Sale priceFrom $ 279.00
K-Zero Plate Carrier MulticamK-Zero Low Profile Plate Carrier Multicam Side
K-Zero™ Plate Carrier Sale priceFrom $ 279.00
Six Pack Hanger Pouch MulticamSix Pack™ Hanger Pouch
Six Pack™ Hanger Pouch Sale priceFrom $ 64.90
Assault Pack AMAP 3 MulticamAMAP III Assault Pack Multicam
AMAP III™ Assault Pack Sale priceFrom $ 159.90
Tactical Laptop Bag Agilite (7753303392508)Laptop Plate Carrier (7753303392508)
Laptop Carrier Sale price$ 67.90 Regular price$ 109.00
Pincer™ Placard Triple Mag PouchPincer™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch
Pincer™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom $ 69.95
Warfighter Plate Carrier Cummerbund MulticamWarfighter™ Cummerbund (7984009216252)
Sold outInvader™ Level 3ST Rifle-Rated Stand Alone Body Armor (5340188311710) (7792577052924)Agilite stand alone body armor (5340188311710) (7792577052924)
Pincer™ Single 5.56 Mag PouchPincer™ Single 5.56 Mag Pouch (7819849728252)
Tactical Gloves in MulticamMechanix M-PACT® Agilite Edition
AG3™ Placard Triple Mag PouchAG3 Placard Triple Mag Pouch Multicam Backside
AG3™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom $ 59.90
Micro MAP Plate Carrier Back Panel MulticamMicro MAP™ Back Panel
Micro MAP™ Back Panel Sale priceFrom $ 139.90
SF Balaclava   NEW 2017 VERSION!, ,  - Agilite (312664447)SF Balaclava Ranger Green (312664447)
SF Balaclava Sale price$ 31.90
Sold outIR US Flag Patch Forward (2001648844869)IR US Flag Patch Reversed  (2001648844869)
IR US Flag Patch Sale price$ 14.50
3a soft armor insert (6660157997214)level 3a soft armor (6660157997214)
Level IIIA Soft Armor Insert Sale price$ 179.90 Regular price$ 190.00
Agilite Logo Patches (351212763)Agilite Logo Patches (351212763)
Agilite Logo Patches Sale price$ 5.90
Israeli Flag Patch OD Green
Israeli Flag Patch OD Green Sale price$ 5.90
AG1™ 5.56 Single Mag PouchAG1 Single 5.56 Mag Pouch Multicam Backside
AG1™ 5.56 Single Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom $ 24.90
AG3™ MOLLE 5.56 Triple Mag PouchAG3 MOLLE 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch Multicam With Mags Backside
AG3™ MOLLE 5.56 Triple Mag Pouch Sale priceFrom $ 53.90
Tourniquet Holder in MulticamTourniquet Holder in Multicam with Tourniquet
Agilite Tourniquet Holder Sale price$ 17.90
Agilite BeanieAgilite Beanie
Agilite Beanie Sale price$ 35.90
Agilite General Purpose PouchAgilite General Purpose Pouch
Agilite Scorpion Logo HatAgilite Scorpion Logo Hat
Agilite Scorpion Logo Hat Sale price$ 29.90
Sold outAgilite Trucker HatAgilite Trucker Hat
Agilite Trucker Hat Sale price$ 29.90
Pincer™ Pistol Double PouchPincer™ Pistol Double Pouch
Pincer Pistol Single Mag Pouch MulticamPincer™ Pistol Single Pouch
Pincer™ Placard 2nd Layer Admin PouchPincer™ Placard 2nd Layer Admin Pouch
Flank™ Side Plate CarriersFlank™ Side Plate Carriers
Flank™ Side Plate Carriers Sale priceFrom $ 74.90
Agilite SAPI Hydration Bladder
Scorpion BeanieScorpion Beanie
Scorpion Beanie Sale price$ 35.90
Scorpion PatchScorpion Patch
Scorpion Patch Sale price$ 5.90
Jump Retention Tabs™ Ranger GreenJump Retention Tabs™ Ranger Green on a Pincer Placard
Jump Retention Tabs Sale price$ 19.95 Regular price$ 24.90
Helmet Bridge Coyote TanHelmet Bridge Coyote Tan Loadout
Helmet Bridge Sale price$ 54.90
MOLLE Plate Carrier Placard in MulticamMOLLE Plate Carrier Placard in Multicam with K-Zero Plate Carrier
Agilite MOLLE Placard Sale price$ 39.90
Sold outAgilite Mitznefet Helmet Shape-BreakerAgilite Mitznefet Helmet Shape-Breaker 2
BuddyStrap™ Injured Personnel CarrierBuddyStrap™ Injured Personnel Carrier