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Neil Friedel

It took some time to figure out the setup on this product.
1. Compact
2. Easy to wear
It does seem to flop around on the plate carrier more than it should.
This is a great concept but seems to be lacking in certain areas of construction.

Injured persons thoughts
Inner thigh felt constricted and rough on the genitals. The seat didn't perform as it should have.
The band at the top needs to have cushions for the downed buddy for under the armpits like an infant car seat.
Putting the unit back together was extremely challenging and took many attempts.

Trevon Joseph
Great device

Not only a genuis design but high quality!!!

Kevin Varas
excellent support implement

My Buddystrap arrived today, and I am very happy to receive it, I have been testing it, and clearly, it has enormous resistance, my observation in more detail is to have some improvement, perhaps, to give it more padding, in rigid areas, where it can cut off the circulation of the wounded, in case of being in combat, the rest is great, and it fulfills its function accordingly, thank you very much for such an excellent team

Great Idea for the good fight.

After Trying it with a battle buddy I can say it was well worth the peace of mind. Knowing I will be capable of single handedly saving a brother without losing the ability to fight back is a game changer. Thank you for the great Product.

Mike. E
Essential item

Really very practical and can make all the difference in a combat situation, or if you are simply going on a trek with someone and you can not wait for help, but remember to make a tutorial to fold it in its kit please