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Pincer™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch

Sale price$ 75.95

• The Agilite Pincer Placard™ is a hook-backed elastic plate carrier placard that holds three 5.56 magazines. Its revolutionary Patent Pending funneled magwell design allows you to grab or re-index a magazine with just one hand while still maintaining rock solid retention so your mags never fall out.

• Elastic mag pouches are popular due to their easy access and low profile. However, they all have 1 of 2 flaws: Either they’re too closed so it’s nearly impossible to re-insert a mag with 1 hand. Or, they are too loose so you can re-insert a mag but you have to worry about it falling out due to unreliable retention.

• The Patent Pending funneled magwells guide your mags into the pouches allowing you to re-insert a mag, snag-free, with just one hand. Despite this capability, the Pincer pouches still retain the magazines tightly so you never have to worry about losing them.

• The Polymer magwells give elastic pouches long-term reliable retention and superior durability where they normally fall apart.

• The Pincer Placard™ is supplied with both MOLLE placard buckles and G hooks as standard and has a built-in height adjust capability

• You can add Agilite Jump Retention tabs if your unit’s regulations require for parachuting, rotary or maritime ops or if you just feel like adding an extra layer of retention.

• Whether you’re defending your country at the tip of the spear or defending your family, The pincer placard will give you an edge

The Pincer Placard will fit ANY placard-capable plate carrier and is provided with both G-Hooks and MOLLE placard buckles.

The Pincer placard is built to fit three 5.56 magazines and may also fit similar sized or smaller items.

Hook and loop chest pannel dimenetions: 25cm * 9cm (9.8" x 3.5")

• Fits three 5.56 magazines
• Weight: 5.6oz (161g)
• Dimensions: 25cm * 9cm (9.8" x 3.5")
• Patent Pending durable polymer magwells
• Proprietary mil-spec G Hooks
• Includes mil-spec Polymer MOLLE Placard buckles
• Laser-cut Squadron mil-spec laminate fabric

• Hook backed mag pouch for Placard Capable Plate Carriers
• Patent-Pending funneled magwells guide the mag to the optimal insertion point for snag-free, speed re-indexing of mags
• Polymer magwells give elastic pouches long-term reliable retention and superior durability
• Attaches to any Agilite or other placard-capable plate carrier or pack in seconds
• Built-in height adjustment capability for perfect plate carrier positioning
• Both G Hook and Placard Buckle compatible (both provided with product)
• Allows for silent magazine draw or re-insertion
• Designed, tested and battle-proven in Israel

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Pincer™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch
Pincer™ Placard Triple Mag Pouch Sale price$ 75.95

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Customer Reviews

Based on 934 reviews
Curtis B Dyck
Good and tight

I have only tested the placard with magpul mags and they are tight. Seem to have loosened up after a few quick ins and outs but I left them in for a few days to try and loosen it up. But I'm certainly not worried about losing mags anywhere or doing anything and that is the carriers job so excellent job!

Luke Linroth
High hopes...

Peers convinced me this was the best placard for my application. I was skeptical that they'd live up to the hype, but I've barely got through a break-in process and already the mags fit securely AND are easily reindexed. Also never thought I would use the included dividers for the pistol caliber mags, but on a day my rifle was down I grabbed the sub and the mags instantly felt like the placard was meant for them.
Innovative, light weight, effective, and you're not paying more than any other well-used placard but with so much more consistency and versatility.
I've ran everything from velcro straps to kydex and these are my new standard. I'll never go back. Not exactly sure how they did it, you would think the mags would either not sit securely or they would "squeeze" out... OR be a pain for reindexing. None of those are real.
Excellent work, Agilite. I continue to be impressed as I roll my over, piece by piece.
Armor on its way, because I have to trust my life to someone and you've demonstrated that trust is well placed.
I buy your products, but thank YOU for your dedication to the ones who depend on your products.

Tyler Jacob Aldrian

I put a mag in it

Leren Curry

Solid plate carrier. I'm 6'2, 286 and this plate carrier fits me comfortably, I can reach all my gear and even loosen it up, a lot, if i need to. Great price point as well

Bryan O Colon Acosta
Pincer Placard

This placard is amazing. It's very sturdy; the magazines won't fall out of it during training. It's perfect for fast reloads. The design is very sleek, which I like.