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Magnetix™ Battle Belt

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Magnetix™ Battle Belt Sizing Chart
Magnetix Battle Belt Size Chart


The Agilite Magnetix™ Battle Belt was designed to be the best battle belt System on the market, Validated downrange in intense combat. Our objective was to weed out all the problems with existing battle belts.

One of the biggest issues with battle belts is that it's hard to align the upper and lower belts, especially while under pressure. Getting a correct and comfortable fit can take several attempts and wastes critical time. The Magnetix Battle Belt uses a patent-pending magnetic alignment system to ensure perfect connection every single time.

Another major issue with battle belts is that you end up with no MOLLE exactly where you need it most, close to the buckle.
The Magnetix™ Battle Belt has a full field of MOLLE all the way up to the buckle regardless of your size.

Many other battle belts sag, especially at the front of the belt. The Magnetix™ Battle Belt’s unique design ensures zero sag even under substantial loads.

One of the biggest problems with 2 piece battle belts is that the inner belt is always an afterthought at best. The Magnetix™ inner belt was designed to be the best inner belt on the market, to solve additional problems and to be a great day-to-day belt in its own right.

The inner belt was optimized for CCW with a unique smart stiffening system that ensures zero sag or wobble while carrying a firearm, yet flexes when needed, for ultimate comfort.

Many stiffened belts can be too stiff and uncomfortable. The Magnetix™ inner belt uses a range of composite materials that contour to your exact body shape over time.

Most two-piece Battle Belt systems use safety-rated buckles, but they are either attached to unrated materials or constructed in a way that prevents the belt from being rated. This means it can never be safely used to connect to an airframe.
The Magnetix™ Battle Belt system is constructed in a way that is fully ratable and a rated version is available on request.

Every detail of the Magnetix™ Battle Belt system has been designed to provide two belts that give you unparalleled advantage, whether you are defending your country at the tip of the spear, defending your community or defending your home.

• Magnetic alignment system for inner & outer belts
• 1000D CORDURA® Mil-Spec Tactical Nylon
• CURV® Thermoplastic Composite material
• Laser-cut Squadron™ laminate
• COBRA® quick release buckle with D-Ring
• Battle-Proven in Israel


• 2 belt system
• Tubular webbing
• 2 inches outer belt
• 1.75 inches inner belt
• Full field of MOLLE all the way up to the buckle regardless of your size
• Fully rateable
• Contours to your exact body shape • Rated version available on request
• Magnetic alignment system for inner & outer belts

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Customer Reviews

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לירן יבור
A product with thought behind

You can immediately see and feel the quality compared to others.
in a short missions the feel is great.
hope it will be the same in battle of several days.

Viktor Lysyi
אהבתי מאוד אבל...

1)G-HOOKלהחליף אבזם או לתת אופציה לקנות להחלפה
נראה לי שזה יהיה טוב יותר ומהר יותר לסגירה
2)הייתי רוצה לנסות חגור פנימי עם פאד ספוג, ברגע שיש מלא ציוד- רגליים טיפה נרדמות
3) לתת אפשרות לקנות חגור פנימי נוסף
1) .להוסיף גומיות כמו בהתחלה לשמירת רצועה שמקטינה את החגור
2) מפחינת מגנטים- זה מאוד טוב. אבל....זה פחות טוב עובד עם חגור כבד...
אם יש אפשרות למגנטים חזקים יותר- זה יעזור