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Sangle de conversion pour sac banane Six Pack™

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Couleur:Bronzage coyote

La sangle de conversion Fanny Pack se connecte à l'Agilite Six Pack™ en quelques secondes et le convertit en un sac banane tactique pour une utilisation quotidienne.

Six Pack™ Fanny Pack Conversion Strap (7800502321404)
Sangle de conversion pour sac banane Six Pack™ Prix de vente€0,00

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Rex Chen
Most handy dangler pouch

This dangler pouch is not just a dangler pouch, but also a nice daily pouch too.

Riho Alaru
Very good dangler pouch

Yea its very good and not overly big. Im planning to use it as a hip Bag also.

Andy Davis
Dad-Bod to Dad-Mod

Great looking fanny pack with good interior options. I bought a $14 Velcro insert for the interior to hold my Glock 26, and a few initial tests have me drawing pretty well, even with two spare mags tucked into the interior straps of the fanny pack (built into the pocket). There still is a bit of room for other stuff, but if I’m using it for CC on hikes or walks, I won’t crowd the pouch.

For switching over to my plate carrier, I will use this as my IFAK.

Devin Dietz
Usefull asf

Very nice. Fits my K19 very good. Also nice as a Fannypack for hikes or basic Walks with my dog

Alessandro Masotti
very useful

i can use my Six Pack™ as faynny pack in an easy way