Rear Pouch

$ 14.90

Ranger Green
Coyote Tan

- Includes Rear pod + lengthened bungee cord
- The rear pouch integrates seamlessly with the Mohawk, Mohawk Air and Gen4 Lo-Pro helmet covers
- Provides mission specific adaptability.
- Safely secured to the helmet by velcro, velcro under tabs & milspec bungee cord.
- Provides new cutting edge functionality and universal accessory management.
- Employs a new versatile rear flex cell that fits all common NVG battery packs & counterweights.
- Has strategically placed exit holes for all cables.
- Semi-rigid cell exterior gives rear accessories extra impact protection and has a central loop area for ID patches.

The semi-rigid pouch exterior gives rear accessories extra impact protection and has a central loop area for ID patches. It also has a lower stow area for comms PTT cables when not in use. Firmly and securely connected and yet, it can be donned and doffed in around 60 seconds so you connect or disconnect depending on your mission set.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Jorge Pereira
Five stars

The Agilite products have extreme quality.

Ashley Latimer-Hicks
What more could I want

Honestly, what more could I want from a rear pouch (For airsoft). Perfectly fits a battery pack for keeping charge to a camera, doubling as a counterweight for said camera. Bonus points just for a really nice looking piece of kit. Easily attached to the Agilite MTEK Flux helmet cover

Dominik Aigner
Agilite Rear Pouch/Counterweight Pouch

I'm very happy with my purchase.
Very fast delivery (1 Day) to Austria.
Easy to install on my helmet and gladfully more space for my counterweights and the cables than my old one.

I give it five stars. :)


Fits perfectly on the team wendy bump.
Great counterway syste.

Robert Mareš
Helmet cover rear pouch - must have piece of gear !

I bought Agilite Helmet Cover for my Ops-Core Fast Bump helmet and seing many photographs and videos of this product before hand, I couldn't buy it without one piece of add-on - the rear pouch. It's originaly designed to store battery pack/counter weight for NODS mounted on a helmet, but I use it also as a storage for another helmet accesories (small bateries, aditional parts of my goggles etc.), even a two chem-light sticks, when I needed them for specific low-light training .. The pouch perfectly completes the helmet cover, sits tightly in the position fixed with velcro panels and bungee cord which is part of the cover. Ever since I mounted my helmet cover together with the rear pouch I never take the pouch away, even though I don't use NODS very often. The rear pouch simply completes my overall helmet setup and it looks better as well ... I like my Agilite Helmet Cover a lot and I'm really happy, that I bought it along with the rear pouch. Great product, awesome quality and usability !