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MTEK FLUX Helmet Cover-Gen4

• Fits the MTEK FLUX Ballistic ,MTEK FLUX Carbon and MTEK FLUX Replica helmets such as the FMA MT
• Agilite accurate fit
• Universal rear cell that fits all common Battery Packs/Counterweights
• Proprietary rear pod provides impact protection for battery packs. 
• Exit holes for all commonly issued NVG Battery box cables/switches
• Next generation lower profile central bungee retention for IR Strobes, cameras etc. 
• Integrated cable management channels
• Full spectrum, rock-solid accessories platform
• Easy installation-can be fitted to helmet in seconds

• Weight: 5oz (143g)
• 1000D Tactical Nylon
• Flat Polyester Mesh 380g/m2
• Laser-engraved polymer bungee channels
• Rear loops for AA and CR123 NVG Batteries
• Made in Israel

This helmet cover will fit following helmets:

Helmet Helmet Size What Helmet Cover Size Do I Need?
MTEK FLUX Ballistic M/L M/L

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• The Gen4 MTEK Version is a next generation helmet cover that fits the MTEK FLUX helmet like a glove and gives it new, cutting edge functionality and universal accessory management. 
• It employs a new versatile rear flex cell that fi...ts all common NVG battery packs, counterweights and has strategically placed exit holes for all cables. The semi-rigid cell exterior gives rear accessories extra impact protection and has a central loop area for ID patches.
• The Gen 4 helmet cover provides color or camo uniformity, protects the helmet’s painted ballistic surface and serves as a rock solid platform that secures all accessories, preventing loss or damage.

Ranger Green
Coyote Brown

Gen4 Downrange

Customer Reviews

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M-Tek Helmet Gen 4 cover RG

This is a great helmet cover, the quality of the fabric is phenomenal! I will say I didn’t know it’s was coming from Isrial but honestly it got to California in about a week, Fits great on the helmet, excellent product!

Awesome kit...

Came across the Mtek gen 4 helmet cover just browsing Mtek's website. Never heard of Agilite before. Went to Agilite site and saw an array of decent products. The gen 4 helmet cover was on sale. Ordered one for my flux ballistic, it came straight from manufacturer. Took some time to come from Israel but well worth the wait. Awesome product, totally surprised. Great packaging, product fit like a glove, thick top-notch material. Very functional with good looks too. The incorporated mesh is perfect. One if the best buys I've made for my kit. Hope Agilite continues to make new products. Only suggestion to maybe have less branding (more subtle) on the battery pack compartment logo and maybe a velcro pocket/skinny pouch on that flap. Ranger Green looks awesome, multicam not so much (something about the multicam velcro that looks off). Hope they make multicam black. Also hope they dont skimp to cut costs, but keep up their quality. Agilite is making their mark.

Video Review

Check Out SPARTAN117GW's Video Review Here:


i love it!

i love it

Great cover with all the right options, build quality and design

The FLUX COVER-GEN 4 is pure awesome! Installing the cover is very similar to their Bridge, the cover is attached to the helmet on the velcro patches to the side and back along with 5 additional flaps (3 in front/2 at the back) that attaches to the velcro inside the helmet for an all around secure fit... and the fit is tight! The cover is almost flush all the way from back to front and covers almost every shell part of the helmet. The shroud hole might seem a bit too small and cover some of the Wilcox shroud, but I suspect that's to cover the screws to keep them sheltered from the elements.

The cover gives you everything you need and would expect. Velcro and bungee cord to secure your gadgets, cable management slots, counterweight/Nod batt. pack and standard AA/CR123 batt. holders (4 in total).

The velcro is very catchy and keeps your velcro dependent gadgets securely in place. I wouldn't second guess putting my MOHOC camera on one of the side velcro patches, in fact the FLUX cover, gives you more velcro surface than the actual helmet does. I do wish however they didn't make the velcro patch a V shape as it creates a little "deadspace" where I think more could have been useful, but this is probably a design question and keeps the cover more flush following the helmet contours even more.

The middle portion of velcro is usually where you attach the very pricey stuff and with the Bungee cord, you have no risk of losing them. The bungee tabs acts as a center point as well to keep the gadget in place.

The counterweight/NOD batt. compartment at the back is big, or it looks big. The flap has a big velcro surface to add any IR/Morale patch. But the actual compartment is very tight, but not too small for ex. ANVIS batt. packs.
The fabric and mesh combo is great and the whole cover just looks and feels brilliant. You can clearly see that Agilite did a lot of designing and thinking to make this cover one of the best covers for the FLUX Helmet.