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Zandrew Covington
Time for an Upgrade

Just got my K19 3.0 Front Plate Bag and it’s great. Any of you still rocking the V1.0/V 2.0 should consider this option. I also got the updated cummerbund and back flap adapter. Both accessories added to comfort to the plate carrier.

Matthew Palmieri
Nice upgrade

Been running a K19 for a few years and couldn’t be happier with this armor system. I received my new K19 3.0 Front Plate Bag the other day. With the upgrades in their products this piece of gear is a good upgrade! I got everything changed from my original K19 to the upgraded front plate bag. Feels comfortable so far but haven’t had a chance to go to range. That’s later this week. I can tell already it’s gonna be a smooth transition!! Typical Agilite marketing another great product!!

David Hugi
Personal customization to 100%

All in all is the K19 already the most comfortable Plate carrier on the market. I love how quick you can adjust the size independently of your Mission and Weather (cold/warm). With the option to customize if you want quick release or not by your shoulder strap is the only thing that I was missing until now. Now i have my K19 exactly how I feel comfortable for my duties.

A must have upgrade for legacy K19 users

Being an avid user of the K19 1.0 I was missing out on the features of the new 3.0. Now I can use different load outs with one carrier depending on my mission parameters. Outstanding quality as always.

Raymond Cepeda

I love the quality and durability of the k19 3.0 front plate carrier.