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Article: Top 7 Newest Israeli Military Technology

Top 7 Newest Israeli Military Technology

Being under constant threat, Israel is always looking for its next advantage, the race for technology is ongoing and expanding, be it on the ground, sea or air, the IDF acquires new technology so it can stay two steps ahead of its enemies, these are the 7 newest IDF technologies.

CH-53K King Stallion

One of Israel's most trusted vehicles is the CH-53C sea stallion, or as it is known in the IDF, the Yas’ur. In use since the late 60’s, the old helicopter has seen it’s share of wars and conflicts, taking part in some of Israel's biggest operations. But with age comes problems.

Being 5 decades old, it seems that the risks and cost of maintaining the old helicopter, outweighs its benefits, so in the tail end of 2021 Israel purchased 12 of the helicopter’s upgraded version, the CH-53K King stallion.

Developed by Sikorsky since 2011, the new version will have twice the lift capacity, a wider cargo hold, and an automatic flight control systems for take offs and landings, the king stallion is set to be one of the most advanced heavy lifting carriers in the world.

Gulfstream G550 The Oren

In the middle of 2021 an executive jet landed in Israel, but instead of celebrities or businessmen exiting the jet, a ceremony took place, officially inducting the plane in to the Israel Air Force, the jet was destined not to carry high value clientele, but instead even more valuable reconnaissance and information.

Nicknamed the “Oren”, Gulfstream's G550 jet is fitted with highly advanced radar systems, as well as complex AI and algorithms to acquire targets and information in real time. It's both the most advanced intelligence gathering plane in Israel and its most expansive with a 200 million dollar tag. But Israel will pay any price if its citizens can sleep a little better and its enemies a little worse.

Skylark 3 Doher shamim

As the Oren shows, a vital component of the modern battlefield is air reconnaissance, the information gained can determine the outcome of a war. Today this data can be gathered and displayed instantly with the likes of skylark 3, or as it’s nicknamed Doher Shamim (דוהר שמיים), sky galloping.

The specialty of the skylark drones is their size and portability, being able to move and fly under any condition day or night, and the video it gathers can be displayed live to a battalion commander, or be used for searching for terrorist and tunnels.

Created by Elbit Systems, skylark 3 is set to slowly replace the skylark 1, with longer distances up to 100 kilometers, higher altitudes up to 15000 feet, and even a hybrid propulsion system.

While the skylark 3 will replace the skylark 1, they are used simultaneously in missions, to enhance the operational flexibility of its users, giving isreals artillery units the edge their enemies can't have.

F35I The Adir

Being one, if not the most advanced stealth and assault jets in the world, Israel did not name the F35I, “Mighty” for nothing. The plane lives up to its namesake, having the capabilities of a stealth, striker and reconnaissance jet, while also being equipped with electronic warfare abilities, a highly advanced augmented reality heads up display that lets its pilot see through the plane, and a systems that lets information be instantly transfer to allied planes in the area, enhancing a unites abilities even further.

With the lengthy development of the plane, Israel saw a future where the plane’s stealth abilities might not be up to par with the fast growing world of technology, requesting to have the option to add Israeli made features to the plane later on, The F35I now having a plug and play system specifically so Israel could add what technology it sees fit.

So it is no surprise that Israel has bought 75 of these jets, now having 30 in their possession, the first two landing in 2016. Two years later Israel used the jet in its first ever public mission in 2018 in operation house of cards, striking alleged Iranian targets in Syria, the operation being one of the biggest by Israel in the area in decades. The F35I is going to be one of Israel's greatest weapons.

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The sky might be protected but every day Gaza’s border with Israel is getting more and more dangerous for the soldiers patrolling, but an unexpected solution is on its way.

The REX MKII, coined the “Jaguar”, is a totally autonomous unmanned remote controlled armed robot, being deployed in the gaza border. The robot is armed with at least two AI controlled torrents, an advanced system of sensors and camera to track and see its surroundings, the ability to gather reconnaissance for its assigned unit and the capacity to carry up to 2 injured people on its back.

Created by the Israel aerospace industry, the main goal of the Jaguar is to lower the risk soldiers might face when deployed in the field, and to support its fellow allies in battle. It was designed specifically for the Gaza border, its build and programming curated to the area's unique and sometimes harsh conditions, and while the robot can track its targets, it's only allowed to shoot if it has explicit commands from its operator. The jaguar is the next step and evolution in Israel's mission to keep its citizens and soldiers safe and out of harm's reach.

Multidimensional unit - Refaim

As we saw in this list, the modern day battlefield has changed greatly in the last decade, new technologies and threats appear every day to challenge Israel, in response Israel created its first multidimensional unit, named “Refaim'' or Ghosts.

Created in 2019 and operational since 2020 the unit has been a part of some high tension situations against Hezbollah and in Israel's most recent conflict as of this writing “Schumer homot”.

Its mission is to be as self-reliant as possible, as it acquires and takes out Israel's enemies. Refaim is composed of Israel's top commando, reconnaissance, air force, sea force, cyber and teleprocessing units, as flexibility is its main objective.

Being able to work in any battlefield, under any condition by using every tool and device available, if it’s tanks, planes, drones, UAVs or whatever it can come up with, the unit is readying itself for any incoming threat and outcomes, while also being used to experiment with new tactics and technology that later may trickle down to the rest of the IDF. Refaim is not preparing for the future, it is the future of the battlefield.

Iron Beam

Every day Israel's enemies are growing more dangerous. To stay one step ahead Israel has succeeded in creating one of the world’s first and most powerful laser defense systems. It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is actually true. Planned to be deployed in the air, sea and land, the Iron Beam has already proven itself in many tests.

Taking out mortars, rockets, anti-tank missiles and UAVs the advanced laser has exceeded expectations with its power and capabilities, while also being a lot cheaper. In comparison Iron Dome averages 80,000$ per missile, while the estimation for the Iron Beam is just 5$ per firing.

With almost limitless ammunition and the flexibility to be deployed virtually anywhere Israel and the Iron Beam will shape the future of its defense.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comment section if there are new Israeli gear and tactics that we missed.

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