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Article: Top 6 Reasons | What Do You Need A Tactical Helmet Cover For?

Top 6 Reasons | What Do You Need A Tactical Helmet Cover For?

Tactical helmet cover

It’s Tactical Helmet Health Week at Agilite. As the world leader in tactical helmet covers we spread helmet damage awareness and share with you the top 6 reasons your tactical helmet needs a helmet cover:

1. Ballistic Protection 

Helmets have come a long way in recent years and often cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each. Not many people know this, but even the most high end ballistic helmets still have painted surfaces and when helmets come into contact with hard surfaces it scratches and chips the paint off, which over time, will degrade the ballistics of the helmet, cause irreparable damage and void your helmet. 

Ops core helmet cover

Tactical Helmet covers provide surface protection, increasing helmets’ service life by protecting their ballistic properties. In the event of a serious scrape, the worst case scenario is replacing the cover at a fraction of the price of replacing a helmet. 

2. Securing & Managing Helmet Accessories 


Not many people are running bare helmets anymore.  Special operations and elite Law Enforcement personnel are issued numerous helmet accessories including cameras, IR strobes, Battery packs, counterweights, cables etc that collectively cost thousands of dollars and more importantly, can give a force’s presence away if an identifiable accessory falls off in enemy territory.

The more accessories we put on our helmets, the harder it is to keep them organized, safe and secured.

Agilite helmet cover

Adhesive Velcro is not a reliable enough attachment medium as night & day temperature changes, rain, UV damage and general wear and tear take their toll on even the best Velcro leading to accessories falling off mid mission. This is especially prevalent while fast-roping, during room or vehicle entry and egress etc. 

Tactical ops core helmet cover

High quality helmet covers such as the Agilite Gen4 give SOF personnel sewn-in Velcro, additional tether points and bungee retention systems to synch down, secure, protect and better organize their expensive and important helmet borne gear. 

3. Uniformity & Force Identification


Many units use a combination of different helmets within the same unit. Older helmets, newer helmets, helmets for troops with specific roles, different cuts and colors of helmets. 


Adding a uniform style of helmet cover or helmet bridge to all makes it easier to spot friend from foe. With friendly fire accounting for 40% of all combat deaths throughout history, the more easily forces can be identified as friendly is critical.

4. Camouflage


Helmets are painted in one specific color or pattern and the average military operator will operate in vastly different combat terrains and environments so a cover in a different color or pattern allows them to blend in to a secondary environment.

 Tactical helmet cover

Different covers allow them to adapt their helmet to a different environment for a specific deployment or mission and back again in seconds. 

5. Safety 

 Team Wendy Exfil helmet cover

A helmet cover changes the exterior texture of a military helmet and stops it glinting. A rounded helmet has a sheen to it that can reflect light back making you easier to spot in daylight or through night vision devices. Any cover made of the correct materials can absorb the incoming light making it harder to spot and prevent glinting.

6. Noise Reduction

Ops core helmet cover

When a ballistic helmet is placed on the ground or knocks or rubs against a hard surface like a wall or door frame, it makes a noise. A cover provides a buffer that numbs the impact noise slightly, something that can be vital in combat environments where the enemy can be in very close quarters.


To sum it up, make sure your lid is covered. It will increase the service life of your helmet, protect your expensive accessories and stop them falling off mid-mission, provide you with camo, prevent your enemy or buddy from putting a bullet in your back and if you pick up an Agilite helmet cover, make you look like a complete badass. 

We know that finding the perfect fitting helmet cover for your helmet used to be a complicated process so we made it simple-Agilite offers hundreds of different tactical helmet covers for all major brands, sizes and shapes as well as the one-site-fits all Helmet Bridge to make sure everyone’s covered. You can check out our helmet cover collection below.

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