Agilite is Israel's leading Tactical, Rescue and Outdoor Gear Manufacturer. 
Agilite was founded by Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans who wanted to create gear that was as clever as it was strong. Today, Agilite is a proud supplier of Special Operations, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue units across five continents as well as civilians who need exceptional equipment that keeps them agille and light on their feet. It is used in some of the most remote, most non-permissive environments in the world.    
Tough Gear, From a Tough Part of The World
To understand Agilite gear you must understand where it comes from. Israel is a place that has never been able to take its guard down and that has had to innovate to survive. Agilite products get battle-tested long before they are released to the public, under conditions where there's little margin of error.
The Agilite Scorpion logo is the humble mark of the adventurous, the duty-bound and of those willing to step out into the unknown.


MEPRO MOR Sights Selected by the IDF

June 06, 2016

Israeli Optics firm Meprolight has won a new tender to supply thousands of MEPRO MOR Sights to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).  Read More>>

New Commando Brigade to Unite Elite IDF Units

July 29, 2015

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, has announced the surprising establishment of a new Commando Brigade that will consolidate four of the IDF's most elite Special Forces units-: Maglan, Duvdevan (both currently affiliated with the Paratroopers Brigade), Egoz (affiliated with the Golani Brigade) and Rimon (affiliated with the Givati Brigade). 

K3 Negev Machine Gun Version Goes into IDF Active Service

July 16, 2015

The Agilite K3 is the lightest plate carrier in the IDF and is used in a variety of SF and Infantry units, among others. The K3 houses the IDF's "Hashmonai" plate which carries a ballistic grade of 3.5, non-existent outside Israel. 

We are currently testing the international version of the K3 which houses the IDF's V4 SF Plates as well as SAPI or ESAPI plates. 
The new International version will include all of the features of the IDF version plus some new unique features so watch this space! Sign up to our end-user community newsletter here and get details of all upcoming products first.