Raptor Ops-Core Sentry XP Helmet Cover

  • MOQ: 20 Units

    The Ops Core Sentry has very different overall geometry than FAST Helmets so we made a new version of the Raptor that fits it like a glove. Available for orders of 20 units and above, contact support@agilitegear.com to place an order. Custom colors/patterns are available on request. 

    The Raptor is a Special Operations Helmet Cover that knows how to work around helmet accessories. It includes an integrated counterweight pouch sized to fit the PVS 31 battery pack, hook and loop areas for flags and IR Strobes, in-built goggles retention, an accessory harness point and the ability to attach Agilite Visor Goggles Covers.

    To learn how to correctly size an Ops-Core Helmet Cover click here

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