Mat-Evac™ Padded Litter

OD Green

The Mat-Evac™ litter is about being prepared while carrying as few pieces of gear as possible.

It is a camping/shooting mat and rescue litter in one. For Recon troops and outdoor enthusiasts, the padding in the Mat-Evac is the difference between discomfort and the ability to sleep well outdoors. In winter, the high-density Israeli-made foam inside the Mat-Evac™ isolates you from the cold ground keeping you warm as well.

In an emergency however, the Mat-Evac becomes a rescue litter that is on hand to carry a casualty. The padding in the Mat-Evac™ also helps keeps the wounded operator or hiker off the cold ground and more comfortable while waiting for extract.

The tying straps feature small mil-spec side release buckles and are designed and spaced to thread through the molle loops of any vest or backpack to be attached and detached quickly without the need for any exterior straps or attachments.

Already battle-tested by IDF Recon Paratroopers and Reconnaissance Marines who contributed to its development, the Mat-Evac™ is a unique piece of kit not just for Military and SAR units but for the responsible outdoorsman as well.



Length: 1.7yds (155cm)

Width: 0.77yds (70cm)

Max. Load Strength: 700lbs (317.5kg)

Thickness: 0.5" (1.25cm)

Materials-Lightweight, Military Nylon and high-density closed-cell foam