K3-Keramon Plate Carrier-EXPORT RESTRICTED

The K3 is Agilite's latest lightweight plate carrier, designed exclusively for the IDF to fit the "Hashmonai" standard issue ballistic plates.

The K3 is the lightest plate carrier available on the Israeli market and is fully modular. The K3 comes with a selection of modular pouches to adapt your K3 to your equipment and your mission. Pouch set variants include M203 and Negev Machine gun set ups as well as others. The K3 is designed with a minimalist design to decrease weight, increase air flow and decrease the wearer's body temperature. The K3 also features a laser-cut velcro front panel for attachment of either flags and patches or additional modular pouches.

For more details contact info@agilitegear.com or call 03-649-9459.

The K3 is available exclusively in Israel.