IDF Soft Shell



The Agilite IDF Soft Shell is a combat-grade soft shell designed for and used by the Israel Defense Forces.  It was approved by the IDF for use by all personnel. 

The fabric and cut of the IDF Soft Shell is identical to that of the popular Battle Element Soft Shell, and it is designed to be a more affordable alternative to it.

Whether you are battling enemy combatants or mother nature, the IDF Soft Shell is engineered to keep out wind, cold and moisture whilst maintaining an inordinate level of flexibility, breathability and durability.

The IDF Soft Shell is used by countless IDF SF, Infantry and support units. 

Special features of the IDF Soft Shell include the Agilite "Half-glove" that covers half the hand and helps bridge the transition area from jacket sleeve to glove. The Half-glove can also be folded inwards to form a regular sleeve if required.

The inside of the IDF Soft Shell is Agilite premium grade Micro-Fleece for warmth. It is incredibly comfortable and despite the external wind-blocking membrane, is ultra-lightweight and even stretches to allow for full arm and back manipulation. It is also has a high waist cut in order to allow for full freedom of movement of the hips and abdomen during combat ops. .The lower waist size is adjustable with internal quick-closure stoppers and the shoulders feature epaulets for attaching officer ranks. 


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Fabric: 100% tight-woven polyester with exterior breathable, waterproof membrane

Breathability moisture rate transfer: 5000 gr’ square  meter in 24 h


Water pressure resistance: 6000mm/H2O2.


 Designed in Israel


Manufacturing: Imported