Tactical Hi-Vest - BLACK

Agilite's signature product, the Tactical Hi-Vest, is amongst the most advanced load-bearing systems available on the market today and is the result of several years of development within Israeli Special Forces units. Product Description

The Tactical Hi-Vest can fit up to 12 thirty round M4 magazines and includes a binoculars/night vision goggles tether, a pull strip for storing spare batteries, a 7" knife sheath, a compass pouch and compartments for storing radio codes, chemlights, a compass and much more.
The Tactical Hi-Vest also integrates with the Agilite Modular Assault Pack (AMAP?) for an additional 15 liters of load-bearing real estate that attaches/detaches in seconds without the bulk of an external day pack.



1000D Tactical Nylon

Size: Fit ESAPI/SAPI Side Plates

Made in The USA

Category: "Tactical Vests"

Type: Combat Gear

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