Hassa+ Round Helmet Cover

OD Green

The Hassa+ is a revolutionary design for traditional IDF or other round military helmets. While IDF helmets barely changed for decades, the number and types of accessories attached to them changed considerably.  The Hassa+ knows hoe to work with accessories so it gives older helmets an instant upgrade.

Features include a built-in goggles cover, an NVG Access port, hook and look for strobes and flags, NVG Shroud harness access slots on the edges and a lot more.

Its one size partial stretch construction covers several sizes of IDF round helmets and includes a headlamp attachment system compatible with both Petzl and Black Diamond headlamps. The attachment system allows you to connect the headlamp directly without its elastic headband, allowing you to run goggles, NVG’s and other accessories simultaneously and unobstructed.


  • “One-size” construction covers IDF helmet sizes aleph and bet
  • In-built goggles retention
  • Designated hook & loop areas for IR strobes /flags
  • Integral front goggles cover
  • Frontal NVG Mount/Shroud access port
  • Unique Petzl/Black Diamond compatible headlamp attachment system
  • Versions for other helmet types available on request




  • Mil-Spec materials and polymer hardware
  • Galvanized, mil-spec snaps
  • Available in OD Green, Black and other colors and Camo patterns on request
  • Made in Israel