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Guardian Ruggedized Attach Patch


The Agilite Guardian™ ‘Ruggedized Attach Patch’ serves as a protective attachment solution for the CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6®, The IR Strobe of choice for Special Operations Units worldwide.

Developed by Agilite for CORE Survival, the Guardian allows you more securely attach to a helmet shell, helmet cover, or MOLLE and fu...rther prevent potential loss or damage from extreme impact.

Made of a semi-rigid elastomer, the Guardian encases the HEL-STAR 6® perfectly, giving it rock solid attachment, an improved tie-down capability and extra survivability in the event of a more serious impact.
Despite unprecedented security, it maintains rapid and simple access to all light features included unimpeded battery access and an upper integrated closed-loop upper bungee pattern that does not block the lights from any angle.

For helmet attachment, these Ruggedized Attach Patches are fitted with Velcro hook on the reverse side to mate to Velcro loop material on a helmet or helmet cover. Horizontal feed channels on the top and bottom of the Guardian Attach Patch allow it to be tied down even more securely to features on the helmet or helmet cover. The –1 version is provided with 275 cord, and the –2 version with gutted 550 cord.

For MOLLE Attachment, the Guardian’s body has built-in MOLLE slits and comes with an included attach strap for mounting on PALS webbing.

Helmet Cover Attachment Option

The Guardian is made of an elastomer that is also capable of being sewn into a helmet cover given the right machinery. For ultimate retention, the Guardian is available permanently attached to an Agilite helmet cover. Covers can be customized according to the unit or agency’s requirements, helmet type and color or camouflage pattern. For details on how to order a Guardian helmet cover contact customercare@agilitegear.com

• Ruggedized attachment and protection solution for the CORE Survival HEL STAR 6® IR Strobe
• Inordinately reduces the chances of losing or damaging a HEL STAR 6®
• Maintains Unrestricted access to all HEL-STAR 6 switches and functions
• Maintains easy access to battery compartment
• Integrated MOLLE Attachment
• Improves survivability of a side impact by 400% and gives improved lens upper protection
• Battle-Tested
• Integrated channels for paracord tie-down capability
• Can be sewn into a helmet cover full ultimate retention.
• Supplied with MOLLE strap

• TPU injection-molded elastomer housing built for heavy-duty military use
• UV Resistant-will not fade even after extended exposure to sun
• Resistant to temperatures of -65°F and +185°F (-54°C-85°C)
• All Mil-Spec tactical nylon textile elements
• All Guardian options are available in Tan and Black
• 100% Berry Compliant

• The Guardian™ is a one-size product that fits the CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6® IR strobe
• All Guardian™ include integrated MOLLE Slits and are supplied with a MOLLE Attach Strap

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