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IDF Hydration Pouch Set

• 1 IDF Hydration Pouch
• 1 Hydrapak 3 Liter Tactical Reservoir with internal baffle

• 3 Liter (100 fl oz) Capacity
• Military-grade 60% Thicker TPU construction.
• Lock baffle for slim profile, unlock for volume
• Slide-Seal™ Top - opens wide and seals tight
• Built-In Shape-Shifter Wall (Baffle) for lower profile
• Surge™ Valve - silicone, 45 degree, high flow bite-valve with twist shut off for no-drip and strength.
• Hydrafusion™ Tube – ballistic TPU extrusion to insulate and protect
• Can be frozen or filled with warm water (max temp 140°F / 60°C)
• Inline filtration compatible
• Reversible and anti-microbial to prevent bacteria & mold
• 100% BPA and PVC Free
• Durable, built for a lifetime of tough use, No-Leak™ Lifetime Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Amazing hydration bladder , more solid then camelbak I’ve had before,and as usual great service and a quick delivery to Ireland

Pretty solid

Ive had a few hydration pouches in the past and I always had to deal with bursted bladders and leakage.. This pouch is pretty solid and I have not had any problems with it yet!

Top notch gear

The sturdiest gear I have ever used. Very is easy to clean and dry out with the wide open top. Fits great inside AMAP II pack

Hydrapak Tactical 3L Hydration Reservoir

Simple, you get what you read from its specs. You can test it if you want just like its official test-video from Agilite’s Youtube Channel. Very excellent quality not just the materials but also how it’s constructed. The only thing is the tubing, it takes several uses to take the rubbery taste out/at the minimum and a lack of handle to easily hold the reservoir while filling and sealing.

IDF Hydration Pouch Set

Though it has a rubberish taste in several uses (good inication that it is factory-brand new) the hydration reservoir’s quality is superb. You get the quality exactly as its spec’s says (Exclusivley from Agilite). The slide-seal made the product leak and explosion proof. I suggest to add a foldable/bendable back handle to make handling for storing water and sealing more easy. (The smoke colour is sleek)

As what you can expect from Agilite, “Quality, Multi-functionality, Comfort and Design” are always upfront. The IDF Hydration Pouch, though of single-function (unlike its comrade “Edge”) its quality is never compromised.

My only issue here is “how I need to bend the reservoir’s water-stem just to get it in and out of the pouch” as all of the products have a limit to break or be torn not just with Agilite but to all.

So far, The IDF Hydration Pouch Set makes a good combo to attached or placed inside a pack.

All-in-all you will still get what Agilite is made of and meant for.. Battle Quality And Weather Tempered Products in affordable price. A true master of its craft.. surely will get some more.