Pincer™ Single 5.56 Mag Pouch

$ 35.90

Ranger Green

• The Agilite Pincer Pouch is a MOLLE backed fast-draw low profile elastic mag pouch that holds a single 5.56 Magazine. Its Patented funneled magwell design allows you to grab or re-index a magazine with just one hand.

• Open top mag pouches are popular but have inherent flaws. They are often bulky, clunky, noisy or impossible to reindex a mag with one hand.

• The Pincer Pouch is lightweight, low profile, quiet and allows you to re-insert a mag, snag-free.

• The Pincer Pouch is incredibly versatile, having double-spaced laser cut rear MOLLE to fit perfectly on all Battle Belts and Plate Carriers alike.

• The Pincer Pouch also has a loop interior so you can add Agilite Jump Retention tabs if your unit’s regulations require it. They incorporate Agilite’s patented AG™ polymer pull tab technology so even when applied, they give you unhindered, one-handed access to your magazines.

• Whether you’re defending your country at the tip of the spear, defending your family or defending your home Pincer Pouches will give you an edge.

• Fits one 5.56x45 AR or M4 Rifle Magizines

• Fits a Single 5.56 magazine
• Weight: 3oz (83g)
• Dimensions: 14cm * 9.5cm * 3cm
• Patent Pending durable polymer magwells
• Laser-cut Squadron mil-spec laminate fabric

• Fits a single 5.56 Magazine
• MOLLE-backed
• Connects to all Battle Belts & Plate Carriers
• Quick-draw mag pouch with rock solid retention
• Patent-Pending magwell funnels mags into pouch, snag-free
• Low profile elastic pouch with superior durability and retention
• Battle Proven in Israel

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Customer Reviews

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Arianit Spanca

Pincer™ Single 5.56 Mag Pouch

Michal Pavlica

Best pouch that I ever had

Awesome pouches

I got these for patrol use and training needing a mag pouch that wasnt rigid but had retention. Imo rigid mags would interfer with prone shooting when empty. Also wanted mags witout the need of retention bands over top of the mags that add to reload times and create additional snag issues.
There's retention on the mags so I don't have to worry about the mags falling out while driving irratatic at all. I've shook my carrier violently upside down and mags still would not dislodge. The opening is rigid enough where reholstering mags is a breeze.
The material feels like it'll last longer than I'll ever need it to so the money spent will go a long way.
I'm happy with my purchase and will only recommend these mag pouches to people.

Something I've been after

I've had something like this in my head and Been searching for it for quite awhile now. They are extremely streamline and the design of threading the molle straps makes them very snug on whatever you're mounting it on. I could use with a slightly less retention on the lower part of the pouch( only because im missing part of my support hand and its not as strong, so its a bit picky on retention), but the mouth is designed excellently and will continue to train with them. My initial experience with these pouches has been overall positive and am looking forward to future innovations. Also wouldn't complain about a few other color options.

J Sosa
Pincer Single 5.56

Havnt had the pouches long enough for a real durability test, but if it's anything like their other products I'm not concerned. I've gone through numerous different pouches for mags and this is by far the best. The flared mag well makes reindexing mags extremely smooth and natural. The elastic retention gives great retention.