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Robert Wasoski
First purchase, won’t be last

Micro MAP is a great addition to my plate carrier. It will come in handy for QRF assignments where we are carrier minimal equipment and the ability to carry extra gear with me is needed.

Adam D.

Micro MAP

Rowen H.
Micro MAP

One thing leads to another with this company. Buy the item that fills a void in your gear stack. Then before you know it, you’re replacing other gear that doesn’t need to be with AgiliteGear. Better that’s why.

Clif. S
Micro Map Dual Purpose

When your not running your PC daily but you are your AMAP III, the Micro Map mounts to the back of the AMAP III, giving you xtra pockets and doesn’t look bad.

Michael J.
Micro map review

I was excited that the micro map came out. And no surprise it was first sold out. I was lucky to get in stock a od/ranger green when they restocked again.
Quality is the highest standard. Light weight and clean to perfection. The micro map is minimal but essential with the necessary space it provides. I love the low profile it conceals, to where it feels like I’m not even carrying anything at all. While having the ability to expand to my needs if necessary.
And due to its low profile and maneuverability when throughout an assault, ruck, or Alice pack on top, there is no interference as it sits flush together.

Over all I’m excited and glad I bought this micro map. I’m very picky and have a high standard in regards to quality of materials and equipment I purchase. And this product and agilite meets and exceeds expectations. This is the new standard.