Six Pack™ Fanny Pack Conversion Strap

$ 15.90

Coyote Tan
Ranger Green

The Fanny Pack Conversion Strap connects to the Agilite Six Pack™ in seconds and converts it into a tactical fanny pack for day to day use.

Customer Reviews

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Lael Grant
Great addition!

I was hesitant to add this conversion strap to my order of the six pack fanny pack...thinking that I could just assemble my own. However at the price I figured it was worth the gamble. NO REGRET! The conversion strap is manufactured with top shelf webbing and buckles! Attachment points are better than expected and well thought out. I could not have built it better for less however I did add some soft flat tubing to the 2 strap to help manage a bit better. An additional tri-glide might accomplish but would also add a friction point inhibiting rapid adjustment when needed. On the whole... Do not hesitate to add this little item to your order of the six pack fanny pack.

Nolan Shockley
Six Pack Fanny Pack Strap

Product works as advertised. Easy to adjust, buckle on waist strap holds adjustment without assistance (I taped it because old habits die hard). Buckles attaching the waist strap to the cargo pouch were a bit feisty to get secured into the MOLLE straps, but stay in place with no concern. I routinely carry five to ten pounds of miscellaneous problem-solving capability in the pouch, with no concern as to its durability or load-carrying ability.

Eddie S
Really smart

To be able to go from regular EDC to "GO Time" in No Time is really cool 😎👍 That's Agilite for ya..nuff said

Oliver Løvgard
Quick adjustable and easy to use.

Perfect for the job and easy to use.

Jp Kotronis
Great feature

One good thing from this generation is it’s acceptable for a middle age man to wear a fanny pack. This straps allows me to pull my six pack hanger off when I need to be less overt.