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Bridge-Tactical Helmet Accessory Platform

• One Size System-fits all common tactical helmets
• Universal rear pod that fits all common Battery Packs/Counterweights
• Proprietary rear pod provides impact protection for battery packs.
• Exit holes for all commonly issued NVG Battery box cables/switches
• Next generation lower profile central bungee retention for IR Strobes, cameras etc.
• Integrated cable management channels
• Bridges helmet velcro pattern inside and outside the helmet to create a rock-solid accessories platform
• Easy installation-can be fitted to helmet in seconds
• Available in Coyote Tan, Ranger Green, Black and additional colors on request.
**Female Helmet Velcro not included**

• Weight: 5.34oz (152g)
• Comes with 2 wing size options as standard for perfect fit.
• Mil Spec Materials and Polymer hardware
• Laser-engraved polymer bungee channels
• Proprietary universal rear pod and next gen central retention
• Rear loops for AA and CR123 NVG Batteries
• Made in Israel

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• The Bridge is the most advanced and versatile helmet accessory system on the market.
• It is a one-size, fits-all tactical helmet accessories platform that is designed to fit nearly all common tactical helmets and nearly all common helmet accessories including NVG battery packs, counterweights, IR strobes, cables, fla...gs and more.
• The Bridge uses the existing velcro loop layout on modern Military helmets to create a rock solid accessories platform to prevent their loss or damage. It comes with two wing size options to get the perfect fit on any tactical helmet, regardless of its shape or size.
• The Bridge features next generation central bungee retention for the same ability to clamp down accessories but with a the new design that features Mil-Spec, laser engraved polymer channels for zero snag, a lower profile and improved retention.
• The rear of the Bridge is incredibly unique. It features a propitiatory universal pod that expands and contracts both vertically and horizontally to house all commonly issued NVG battery packs perfectly Thes include those of the GPNVG-18, AN/PVS-31, AN/PVS-23 , F5050, AVS-6 and ANVIS9.
• The pod has strategically placed exit holes for all of their cable exits and power switches.
• Its exterior features semi-rigid polymer protection to prevent damage to the battery boxes when the helmets is dropped or knocked. The universal rear pod can also be flattened down when not in use.
• The rear pod is so versatile that it can house all common counterweights and battery boxes, but also allows you to use non-designated items that you are carrying anyway such as radio batteries, as counterweights.
• The rear pod also has elastic loops for storing either AA or CR123 NVG Batteries and the ability to stow Comms PTT and other cables, when not in use.
• The underside has shock cord loops that allow you to stow comms PTT cables when not in use so they do not dangle.
• Unlike other helmet attachments that only sit on the outside of the helmet, the rear of the Bridge has loop tabs that feed into the helmet's internal velcro loop, bracing it strongly from the rear. The front "wings" lock down the front of the bridge creating a rock solid platform.
• The Bridge is manufactured in Israel and was designed based on input from our own team as well as SOF Operators in Israel, The USA and additional countries.
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Ranger Green
Coyote Tan

Helmet Bridge Downrange

Customer Reviews

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great quality a must get item

Do You Like Options?

I like options, and that's what I get with the Agilite Helmet Bridge over similar offerings. The Bridge holds onto my helmet like gorilla glue. I like the fact that the horizontal attachment straps come in two lengths/sizes (both included). So if you'd like to move your already set up Bridge from one helmet to another of a different size/configuration, say like between your tactical and bump helmets, you aren't forced to buy additional pieces. Try and find that option on other manufacturers platforms. Like I said, I like options and options save me money!

Rugged and form fitting

Great fitting piece of kit. Hugs tight into the helmet. Doesn’t flop around like others. Plenty of quality Velcro sewn in. Sewing is tight and professional looking. High end great piece of Israeli made kit!

Agilite Bridge Tactical Helmet Accessory

I've used the helmet bridge on two different helmets including my issued army one and it has helped out greatly with balance when wearing NVGs and storing extra batteries. The criss cross shock cord setup adds the extra tension on my top mount Velcro strobe. A very versatile piece is own, and your can use it on pretty much any helmet with a little Velcro.

Versatile Mo-Hawk

Very good quality and definitely innovative design. I do recommend this for L.E., Military and civilian use. The only thing I'm a bit disappointed is the battery pocket in the back. I don't run a back up battery for my NVG besides AA batts. The 4 slots for the batteries in the back doesn't really help counter weight my NVG. It would have been great if it had inserts to store batteries or some type of counter weight.

Overall, I'm delighted with it and amazed by the Agilite' s tremendous customer service