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Gavin Wilkins
Helmet cover

Cover itself is pretty solid but material feels bit too stiff

Mehmed Omerovic
Helmet accessory

Very great product, I hope to aquire some news product soon as soon as possible like Gear tester

Henry Romeu
Helmet bridge review

It’s great, great stitching, plenty of Velcro, nice big pouch for aux battery, lots of storage for spare CR123’s. All in all great product so far.

Peter Hutchison
An essential for anyone with NODS

I had the standard Team Wendy weight holder on the back of my helmet and while it did work, I still wanted something more. I wanted to have a better retention system, I wanted to have a weight pouch that could also double as a battery pack holder with a cable management system. It’s robust, comes with several Velcro straps that can help you further secure things down and it works perfect with the strobe I’m running. It’s such a good system that I’ve convinced a few of the guys I train with to purchase them and all I had to do was hand over my helmet and let them check it out for themselves. You can tell the R&D and Design teams did their homework on this product. It’s a “no-brainer” in my book. Accessorize the piece of kit that protects your brain with style and function with this Agilite Helmet Bridge.

Justin Burns

At the moment I’m only rocking PVS-14’s so need for the battery pack pouch. However, I will be moving up the food chain in the coming months which will mean certain gear upgrades as well and the battery pack pouch will come in handy. I was surprised at how dense and secure the AA/CR123 battery slots were. The retention on them so far is great. I’m really looking forward to getting some good field time and operational time in this. I have a good feeling it’ll hold up well.