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SF Balaclava

Sale price$ 31.90
Color:Coyote Tan

• The Agilite SF Balaclava is worn by Israeli and other Special Operators who need to conceal their identity even during operations in fierce Middle Eastern heat and extreme physical exertion.

• It is made from our ultra-thin Combat Cool™ moisture-wicking fabric so it does not interfere with breathing or talking on comms.

• The SF Balaclava has Versatile positioning for either full face, half-face or neck-only coverage depending on your mission.

• The proprietary Combat Cool™ fabric utilizes advanced moisture management technology to reduce body temperature and prevent fatigue. It is also antibacterial treated to avoid microbe-induced odors.

One size fits all

• Combat Cool™ Moisture-Wicking technology
• Antibacterial Treated to avoid microbe-induced odors
• Used by Israeli Military Special Operators for face concealment and protection
• Versatile positioning for full face, half face and neck-only coverage according to your mission's needs
• Extends below the neckline for extensive coverage
• Ultra-thin material for use with Comms and maximum breathability

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SF Balaclava   NEW 2017 VERSION!, ,  - Agilite (312664447)
SF Balaclava Sale price$ 31.90

Customer Reviews

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Luna, A.

One size fits all true to its name, material/quality is excellent, breathable.
Purchased to replace an Underarmor version that isn’t quite up to par with the Agilite version. Only issue with Agilite SF Balaclava that I have (not a make/or break) is excess material around the cheek/jaw that meets with the upper half. The build up of material isn’t flushed with the face and because blotchy giving a weird appearance.

Perry Jefferies
Excellent piece of kit

Got this to wear under a helmet in Texas and the light material and good design is excellent. Love the subtle scorpion logo worked into it. Comfortable and cool.

Jason Bischoff
Agilite keeps me safe.

I don't have to worry about identity theft because no one knows who I am in my blaclava. Also I have a face most people would consider "coverable", if you get my drift.

SF Balaclava

Well - on the delivery side, the product arrived about 5 days ahead of the expected delivery time so that was a lovely surprise.
A number of things impressed me:
1. One size fits all was unbelievable but true - it does and its comfortable
2. Its surprisingly light weight (and compact)
3. Microphone and normal speaking is completely unrestricted
4. Its fine for all weather
5. Any head gear fits well on it ie. cap, beanie, helmet ect.
On the down side - the total cost to me (including shipping and taxes) was U$114.00 which makes it the most expensive balaclava known to mankind!
Thanks for a great product.

dor dor
Sf balaclava

Super comfortable and breathable 💪🏾