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K5 Plate Carrier

• Proprietary "V" design spreads weight over maximum surface from shoulders to center mass area to avoid pressure points.
• Includes stretch cummerbund
• Front zip admin pocket
• Fusion foam shoulder padding for comfort during prolonged use
• Rear drag handle
• Skeletal shoulders for comms and hydration tubes
• Front and rear laser cut hook and loop panels
• Agilite K Series™ compatible

• 1000D Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• Mil Spec polymer buckles and hardware
• Laser cut Velcro MOLLE overlay panels
• Fits SAPI/ESAPI plates up to 1” thick
• For 10"X12" choose plate size Large
• Made in Israel
• Weight: 2.2lbs (1kg) Including Stretch Cummerbund

To size your K5, you need to check 2 things:
1. Cummerbund Size Guide
2. The Plate Size Guide
If you have a question about sizing-email us at customercare@agilitegear.com.

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• The K5 Plate Carrier is the most comfortable Plate Carrier on the market. Lightweight, durable and combat-proven by SOF around the world, the K5 doesn't skimp on shoulder or under-plate padding like many plate carriers so it rema...ins comfortable during prolonged use. We know missions or training exercises are rarely "fast and dirty" and so comfort during entire days and nights in your plate carrier is critical.
• The K5 comes with the Agilite Stretch cummerbund as standard which allows your vest to be pulled in nice and tight so it doesn't bounce when you run, but the stretch element gives you that inch or so that you need when dropping to your knee so the carrier doesn't squash your torso.
• The K5 design is unique in that the shoulder straps create a propitiatory "V" shape to center mass which spreads weight over maximum surface area and relieves pressure points.
• The K5 has a number of subtle yet critical features that make it better than other carriers including the ability to attach the AMAP II or AMAP 30 Assault packs directly to it in seconds. No threading MOLLE, no hassle.

Plate Size
Cummerbund Size
Coyote Brown
Ranger Green

K5 Downrange

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
My Plate Carrier

I absolutely love it! It's 100 times better then the issued stuff we usually get and any other plate carrier I've tried on the market. It's so snug, it fits incredibly comfortably, and is lighter then what I've used before. Nothing can compare to the K5 has to offer. Everyone asks what kind of plate carrier it is and if it is really worth buying and I always say 100 times yes. Such an amazing product

Comfortable Plate Carrier

I use the plate carrier mostly as a weighted vest for excercise and it has to be the most comfortable I’ve tried to date. Really enjoy the level of craftsmanship and the pride in knowing it was built by gods chosen people. Thank you Agilite!

Best plate carrier ever made - Period!

It’s hard to verbalize just how comfortable the K5 is. After a 5K run with plates it feels like you’re not even wearing this thing! I’m not exactly sure how they made it so comfortable - it’s astonishing actually.

The K5 is adjustable in about a hundred ways and it took me a while of wearing it to fine-tune the fit but when I did it’s like putting on a pair of your favourite gloves! The material that comes into contact with your torso wicks away moisture quite well but after a really heavy day of wear it does get sweat-soaked. Dries fairly quickly though.

The adjustability of the cummerbund is also something that took a few times to really customize for my particular comfort and is now perfect. I particularly like how the AMAP II attaches easily to the K5 and still leaves a lot of room for kit mounted on a battle-belt.

Agilite really outdid themselves with this one!

Highly recommended!!!


Like most have already said, the K5 is an excellent plate carrier. It does take time to get here from Israel and I suggest contacting customer service to see if there is a backorder for the LE version before placing an order, but I will say Agilite's customer service is the best I've seen and I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer. So stop reading reviews and get the K5, you wont be disappointed!

K-5 Plate Carrier

Anyone who has ever purchased gear from Agilite never has to read these because they know the gear is awesome. It’s awesome!!!

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