FMA EXF BUMP Helmet Cover

FMA EXF BUMP Helmet FT/Carbon Version

Comfortable internal hanging BOA opening and closing system
Material: carbon fiber helmet
Weight: 690 g lightweight helmet can reduce the pressure of the head, more convenient operation
Head circumference: adjustable fit players within 61 cm (57-61 - cm)
Produced by the manufacturer: FMA professional, ABS plastic and carbon fiber two versions.EXFIL ™ helmet characteristic;A new generation of carbon fiber material structure.

Which Helmet Cover Will Fit My Helmet?



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What Size Helmet Cover Do I Need?

Helmet Helmet Size What Helmet Cover Size Do I Need?
FMA EXF BUMP Helmet Cover FT/Carbon Large Size One (M/L)
FMA EXF BUMP Helmet Cover FT/Carbon XL Size Two (L/XL)

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