June 30, 2016


Sneak Peeks-New Gear Coming your way Soon

Our closest fans will have noticed we've been pretty focused on IDF gear projects these past months but we've also been keeping some brand new international gear developments under the radar. Coming soon is the K Series™ of interchangeable gear 
that is a full, interchangeable line of gear that works together ergonomically around the warfighter.
Some of the first K Series elements to be released will include the K5 Plate carrier and the 3LK Hydration carrier seen below. The K5 will accept SAPI/ESAPI plates and will bring the ergonomic features of the Agilite K3 Carrier used by IDF SF and Infantry to the allied Operator. 
The K5 will be available in Multicam, Coyote Brown and OD Green is already testing with top tier units both in Israel and overseas and it's launch is not far away! Watch this space for further developments. 
In addition, the 3LK 3 liter hydration system incorporates an internal reservoir custom made by Hydrapak for Agilite and an outer carrier that interchanges with all Agilite K Series Gear elements. The 3LK's launch is just weeks away stay tuned here or on our social media pages for launch info and community discounts.

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