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SHOT SHOW 2019-The Highlights

February 05, 2019


For those of you who were too busy kicking down doors and stacking bodies to get to SHOT Show this year we put together a rundown of the best of Agilite's SHOT SHOW 2019 Booth!


 Video Credit - Derrick Adabashi - Instagram: @mod.tac.media

What did we preview at SHOT?

- The K19 Egress Plate Carrier


The K19 Plate Carrier is built around the same comfortable base as the K5 but has a bunch of new features including a quick release system using Mil-Spec quick release buckles. The K19 will be available around March/April and will be compatible with all other K series elements.

- The Guardian

- This is a joint project with Core Survival - It’s a ruggedized attach patch for the Hel Star Strobe

- It gives the strobe added impact protection from blunt force and attaches it better to helmet or Molle

- Has 3 modes:

  1. Velcro attach mode
  2. Molle attachment (has integrated molle slits in the polymer housing and comes with a molle attach strap
  3. Sewn on-The polymer is semi-rigid so it can be sewn into a helmet cover for ultimate retention

- Weapon Shelf

The Weapon Shelf is attached to your plate carrier via Molle attachment.

- Its intended to give you a place to rest your weapon when it needs to be in a ready position for extended periods.

- It’s instantly deployable to get at it in a hurry but the weight of the weapon is not on you which cuts out fatigue.

- A weapon held in your arms for extended periods is heavy and causes your hands to shake and affects accuracy.

- It’s purposely not attached to you and is just a place to rest the weapon because we didn’t want to add an extra release stage to the deployment of the weapon during critical seconds of sudden enemy contact.

- After training with the weapon shelf you learn to draw it from the exact same place every time like a pistol from a holster so you learn to draw faster.

The Weapon shelf is a new product finishing development now. It will be available mid 2019

Who Stopped by?


SHOT was a whirl, thanks to all our industry friends, business partners, end-users, bloggers, our instafamous friends and influencers, Mil & LE Brothers & Sisters, Fellow Veterans who stopped by. It was great seeing everyone at parties, over drinks, mexican food and general shenanigans. Sorry we didn’t get to everyone, we were fighting some serious Jetlag too! See you next Year!


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