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IDF Marksman Reviews Opgal Thermal Rifle Scope

March 06, 2018

IDF Marksman Reviews Opgal Thermal Rifle Scope

Opgal is a global leading provider when it comes to Thermal Cameras and their Sii WS Thermal Rifle Scope is cutting edge. As an IDF Marksman with 5+ years’ experience, I wanted to put this scope through its paces and see whether it can handle harsh field conditions and live up to its reputation.

The Sii WS Thermal Rifle Scope is essentially an all-in-one scope, which allows it to function both day and night without the hassle of switching from a day scope, such as a Trijicon ACOG, to an Aquila night vision scope. Simply attach it to your picatinny rail and you’re good to go. For extended missions this was a delight, as switching between scopes can be a real pain.

Intelligence Gathering & Recon

This scope is light and compact, and weighing in at only 950 grams makes it a pleasure to add to any field kit. Plus, it was made to survive the tough field conditions that we typically experience, be it jungle, desert or snow. To put this to a test, I took the Sii WS on a hands-on mission in desert and urban conditions. In the desert, sand will get everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Yet the Sii WS held up just fine though with no breakdowns, and easily handled a couple of sandstorms.

The thermal detection works on people up to 2,000m and up to a staggering 4,000m for vehicles. It allows the user to select different reticles and color palettes to enable fast detection of targets. The scope works in extreme bad weather conditions, total darkness, can see through smoke and also detect camouflaged enemies. The body heat of a person is very clearly seen against the background giving away their location.

Typically, only the Marksman in a squad will have any type of long range night vision. In the field, whether I was point man, scouting or on guard duty, the thermal detection worked every time – giving the squad an early heads up of any movement.

Something that might be taken for granted but is extremely helpful during a long mission, is the fact that the scope is super energy efficient and the batteries last up to 9 hours. Another feature, and one of my favorites, is the image storage capability. You can take up to 200 image snapshots that can later be uploaded to a computer via a USB port. The Superb Image quality below speaks for itself.

On the Shooting Range & Range Estimation

The scope, which fits 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.8mm weapons, can first be bore sighted, and then can be quickly adjusted and easily to zeroed in. I made sure to give the scope a few good knocks after to check if it would lose its alignment. This is inevitable, your rifle is going to get dropped, knocked around or even used as a hammer in the field – thankfully it held up just fine.

If you don’t have a laser rangefinder or you don’t want to use one and possibly give away your position (anyone with a night scope is going to see it) the Sii WS has a mil-dot range estimation reticle which is easy to use both day and night, allowing accurate range targeting. My usual Trijicon Acog with Chevron and Aquila night scope were simply blown out of the water when it came to locating the target's range with the Sii WS.

The scope also comes with a versatile selection of optional lenses; 45mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm and 140mm. Why does this matter? The bigger the lens, the more light that can enter the scope to ensure a clear visual in addition to a larger the field of view at extreme ranges.  The digital Zoom is adjustable between x1, x2, x3 and x4.


My time with the Sii WS was extremely productive. This scope gave me long range detection and fast acquisition of targets at close and extreme ranges. It has an unmatched recipe of a lightweight build, excellent performance and easy target detection day or night and in all weather conditions whilst simultaneously being easy to use. I simply can't recommend enough this scope to soldiers, security personnel, law enforcement or hunters looking for a top of the line thermal scope.

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