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September 04, 2019 6 Comments



Israeli Army abandons its long-awaited switch to Camo

 Israel's new camouflage uniform

 The IDF will be sticking with their classic OD uniforms for the near future after scrapping their camouflage uniform development and fielding plan after what they described as an unsuccessful pilot.
One of the primary issues with the new camo was listed as participants’ concerns of friendly fire due to their resemblance to Israel’s primary enemies who use not dissimilar camo patterns. Unlike in the US and other countries where private companies pitch their respective camo patterns, The IDF developed two patterns internally which were then fielded for testing. Inside sources said that they had decided against commercial options such as Multicam and that they wanted to develop a new camo specific to Israel’s diverse terrain. 

IDF New Camouflage Uniform

The IDF’s Technical and Logistics Directorate ran a pilot wherein hundreds of combat troops and officers tested the uniforms over the past 10 months. The uniforms also featured a new cut and fabric which were judged by testees to cause high levels of discomfort.

At the beginning of the project, the IDF claimed that the type of fabric of the camouflage uniforms was considered to be “Three times the quality of the existing OD uniforms” and that they would be “more breathable and comfortable”. Field testing seemed to prove quite the opposite however, as many of of the soldiers reported that the material used in the new uniforms was not breathable at all and caused “excessive sweating and discomfort”.

In addition, many soldiers claimed that they feared the high possibility of friendly fire incidents due to the similarity of the uniforms to those of Israel’s primary enemies, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Hamas and Hezbollah

OD uniforms have always been synonymous with the Israeli Army and the IDF is one of the last armies still fielding them. Israel has worn olive drab uniforms since its creation and a switch to camo uniforms was going to be a drastic change for them.

In recent years, Israel’s SOF units have slowly transitioned from OD to Ranger Green which we suspect may be a more realistic shift from the iconic OD if and when the IDF finally make a decision.

OD Green IDF Uniforms

With over 60% of Israel’s land mass being desert, a tan or coyote uniform may actually be more appropriate but the very large proportion of the IDF’s combat operations being in urban environments may explain the logic behind Ranger Green.

If the pilot  would have succeeded, the IDF was set to field over 150,000 uniforms to their combat units in the coming months. Instead, they are now re-examining the pilot and deciding on on their next steps.

The results of the project are quite embarrassing especially as the project was known to have been overseen closely by two very senior officers, the former Deputy Chief of Staff and now brand new Chief of General Staff Aviv Kohavi and General Aaron Haliva, the previous Head of the IDF’s Technical and Logistics Directorate. Both played personal roles in the project as part of their vision to modernize IDF Ground Forces.

Aviv Kohavi IDF Chief Of Staff

So it’s yet to be seen if the IDF will be switching to camo uniforms after so many years in OD but one thing’s for sure, no one will be confusing the IDF for Hamas any time soon.

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Let us know your thoughts on what the IDF should be adopting next-Multicam? Ranger Green? Stick with good old OD? Comment Below.

6 Responses

John Walker
John Walker

May 27, 2020

hi, did they ever give these patterns names?


February 16, 2020

I agree with the statement of Steve Boonie about the color “Adaptive Green”. The day I got my first backpack in this color, I instantly knew, that I would have to get soon a lot of gear and clothes in AG. The color is a mix between oliv-drab, coyote-tan and foliage grey-green. Depending on light conditions and environments it can appear brown(ish), grey(ish) or green(ish). On one day you can VERY easily confuse it with coyote brown/tan, the other day you could swear it is straight olive. Don’t let the name “Adaptive Green” fool you – yes it is a basic green tone but at the same time it is much more than only that. I truly don’t know if Helikon developed this color by purpose or accidentally by mixing a few colors into one, regardless I can only say that this is the most “camouflage” solid color I have seen to date and believe met as a camouflage and color junkie (I do test stuff all the time) I have seen nothing to date that can match adaptive green in most environments. I admit that I’m not a big fan of Multicam and all its adaptions (MTP, OCP ect.) – although I do have a few clothes in those patterns but as far as I see it, Adaptive Green is THE one solid color that deserves the term “Multi” even without a pattern. If you have any questions about Adaptive Green, just fire me an e-mail I am more than happy to answer or help you out in any way I can: online-holger-s@web.de

Colleen Gartner
Colleen Gartner

January 10, 2020

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Kenny Lin
Kenny Lin

October 28, 2019

I hope to find the camo uniform and textile, any one who know or can provide will be appreciate..

Andy Goldman
Andy Goldman

October 23, 2019

Actually the idf had camouflage uniforms in the 60s similar to the French and Greek lizard patterns before going OD …

Steve Bonine
Steve Bonine

February 13, 2019

If a solid color uniform is desired, a shade similar to Tan499 blends better than OD or RG…given most of Israel is urban or arid. Another good solid color to consider is called Adaptive Green from Helikon-Tex. It’s like RG mixed with some tan. IMO, some of the best commercial patterns for Israeli terrain are the new Atacs AU-X and or I-X.

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