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How to correctly size an Ops Core Helmet Cover

July 04, 2017 1 Comment

How to correctly size an Ops Core Helmet Cover

Sizing a military helmet cover remotely can be difficult but sizing an Ops Core helmet cover can be even more tricky and confusing for several reasons.


Firstly, the sizing system for Ops Core ballistic helmets is not the same as the sizing for Ops Core bump helmet so you can't use a polymer helmet cover on a bump helmet or vice versa.
Secondly, Ops Core recently changed their sizing system causing a lot of confusion. In addition, size jumps are not uniform and to top it off, less common models like the mid-cut Ops Core Sentry or the new Ballistic LE are based on different geometry and will not fit regular FAST ballistic helmet covers. Confused? We're not surprised :)
These are the reasons why people buying Ops Core helmet Covers often end up disappointed with a poorly fitting cover.  At Agilite though, we make sure your cover fits like a glove.
Here's a breakdown of how to get the right size helmet cover for your Ops Core. 

Ops Core Ballistic Helmets:

If you have a standard Government issued or other ballistic helmet cover bought or issued before February 2017 it's almost definitely a Ballistic XP. (Early 2017, Ops Core released the LE version which is a slightly different thickness but it's so new they don't even have covers for it yet.) If you are in MARSOC or another Naval Special Operations element you may have the Super High Cut or (Maritime) version-See Additional Ops Core Helmet Types at the foot of the page to check. 

Ballistic Ops Core Helmet Sizing

To find out what size helmet you have, look inside the helmet and it will have one of two types of sizing like this:
Old Sizes         New Sizes
S/M                          M
M/L                           L
L/XL                         XL
If you have the old system that covers two sizes e.g. M/L then your correct new size is the SECOND letter, so if it says M/L then your helmet is a Large. 
When choosing your Agilite Ops Core ballistic helmet cover, just choose the correct new size from the list. 

Ops Core Bump Helmet Sizes (Polymer)

If you have an Ops Core Bump Helmet then we have good news for you-the sizing system has not changed and remains the following:
To size your Agilite Ops Core Bump helmet cover, just go to our Polymer helmet cover section and find your exact size. 
Note that Airsoft replica helmet sizes (fake Ops Core Helmets) are usually based on the Ops Core Bump helmet size L/XL. This cannot be said for definite but that's what we have found to be the case so far. 

Additional Ops Core Helmet Types

Super High Cut (Maritime) 
Issued almost exclusively to Naval Special Operations Personnel, this version of the Ops Core ballistic is relatively rare. The only physical difference between the Maritime and the regular ballistic high cut is that it has even higher side walls. This means that a regular FAST ballistic helmet cover will come down too low on the sides and hang over the rails.
To check if you have a Super High cut or a regular ballistic see the picture below:
Agilite do not carry an off shelf Super high cut cover so to get a price quote for a custom order contact info@agilitegear.com. Note that custom orders are subject to MOQ's.
Ops Core Sentry
The Ops Core Sentry is Ops Core's mid-cut helmet. It has completely different geometry to the FAST Helmets and helmet covers designed for the Ballistic or Polymer Ops Core FAST helmets will not fit well.            
Ops-Core Sentry Cover
Agilite now offers its Raptor, Mohawk AIR and custom designs for the Ops Core Sentry XP. Note that Ops Core Sentry Covers are subject to Minimum order quantities (MOQ's). To inquire about a Sentry cover for your unit or Agency contact support@agilitegear.com.  

Other Helmet Manufacturers

While Agilite caters for many other types of helmet models from different manufacturers, these days there are countless helmet companies, models and sizes. We have done many custom helmet designs for SF and other units so to request a custom order just send the details to info@agilitegear.com and one of our team will get back to you. 
To shop Ops Core Helmet Covers and accessories click here

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March 02, 2019

Hi guys i just received a new 3M Combat High Cut ballistic helmet and im trying to find a helmet cover that would fit. It is a size large but I keep hitting a dead. Any help would be great, Thank You

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