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Breaking News-The IDF's new Camouflage Uniforms

June 24, 2018

IDF camouflage

It's official, the Israel Defense Forces are looking to switch over to camouflage uniforms. Israel has fielded olive drab uniforms since its creation and a switch to camo uniforms, while probably long overdue, is a big deal, ending it's iconic love affair with OD.

The IDF's technological and logistics Directorate, together with IDF Ground Forces have begun a new pilot program of new custom-developed camouflage uniforms that are being fielded already with several hundred troops. The new IDF camo uniforms feature rank, flag, unit and combat soldier patches and will be made of "advanced" breathable wicking fabrics. 

The decision to finally opt for a camouflage pattern was the result of "operational considerations and "camouflage simulations." 

They are testing 3 shirt styles and 1 combat pant style in two different camouflage variations. Units that have been selected for the pilot include the Airborne basic training base, the Bardelas co-ed infantry unit, the 8200 intelligence unit, air force elements and others. 

The IDF is looking to procure the new camouflage uniforms pending the results of the pilot which began today. 

idf camo uniforms

OD uniforms have always been synonymous with the Israeli Army and the IDF is one of the last Armies still fielding them. In a country where 60% of its land mass is desert, this has always been odd but until now, no steps had been made to change it. Israeli Army camo

Following the success of Multicam in the United States and other countries and the similar Middle Eastern terrain in which it was fielded, you might assume that it Multicam would be a logical choice for the IDF. However, inside sources told us that Multicam was not judged to be a good fit for Israeli terrain. While the South of Israel is vastly arrid, covered by its sprawling Negev desert, Northern Israel and more importantly, Southern Lebanon and Syria where Israeli troops periodically find themselves, are surprisingly green and wooded. 

For further updates on the IDF's camouflage uniform project, stay tuned here: https://agilitegear.com/blogs/news


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