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Down the Barrel-Introducing the new Dan .338 Sniper Rifle by IWI

August 29, 2017

Down the Barrel-Introducing the new Dan .338 Sniper Rifle by IWI

We traveled 12 miles up the road to our good friends at IWI to check out the latest version of their Dan .338 Sniper Rifle.

Named after the ancient city of Dan, the northernmost city of the Kingdom of Israel that belonged to the tribe of Dan, this rifle is now available to the civilian market and it chambers the .338 LAPUA Magnum round and a proprietary 10 round, drop free magazine.

The .338 caliber is becoming increasingly popular for long range precision shooting due to its particularly flat trajectory.

The Dan is a unique looking weapon and the discerning eye can spot that it’s from the same family of weapons as other IWI Israeli classics including the Tavor, the Negev machine gun and the Uzi.



It was designed using input from snipers from top IDF units.

It’s fully ambidextrous, something important in Israel due to the little-known fact that an inordinate proportion of Jewish people are left handed and most Israelis are Jewish. The folding butt stock boasts some impressive, highly adjustable ergonomics as well, allowing you to get a very individual, optimized fit.

It features a two stage, adjustable trigger with a pull weight, ranging from 2.5-3.5lbs. It has a 28 inch hammer-forged, fluted, free-floating barrel, adjustable rails on the sides of the hand guard  hand guard and plenty of inherent top and side picatinny real estate for attaching optics and other attachments.

 This unique weapon is definitely one to keep an eye out for and one that may be watching you from very far away…

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Photography: Benny Levin. 

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