New Commando Brigade to Unite Elite IDF Units

July 29, 2015

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, has announced the surprising establishment of a new Commando Brigade that will consolidate four of the IDF's most elite Special Forces units-: Maglan, Duvdevan (both currently affiliated with the Paratroopers Brigade), Egoz (affiliated with the Golani Brigade) and Rimon (affiliated with the Givati Brigade). 

 The establishment of this new brigade stems from the IDF’s multi-year “Gideon” plan. The core objective of this plan is to increase Israel’s efficiency and ability to respond to emergency situations.

 A spokesperson for the IDF released a statement on the new structure saying that, “The move would strengthen the Special Forces by increasing cooperation and communication, turning the IDF's elite into an even more effective response team during emergency protocol.”

 All four units that will create this new brigade are expected to and will continue to function and train independently, or in conjuncture with brigade-level combat teams, and not as one fighting unit. The IDF does not want the purpose of each unit to change; yet the goal of the new brigade to, “affix every unit with a purpose relevant to the current terrorist threats.”

 After appointment discussions held this week, the IDF decided that Colonel David Zini, who is currently the operations officer for Central Command, will become the brigade's first leader. 

We have yet to see how the move will affect the individual units' budgets and character.

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