December 22, 2014


The Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) Back-to-Back Carry!

MARSOC Marines were the first to figure out that if a casualty is not badly injured but cannot walk, he can be carried on an IPC backwards! Seen here, demonstrated by Israeli Naval Commandos, the casualty is literally strapped back-to-back and can be carried by just one operator while both of them retain both hands free to operate their weapons. This is particularly  important to special operations teams who travel in small numbers and the fewer people needed to evacuate a wounded operator the better. As danger is usually still inherent, the more rifles left in the fight, the safer the team will be.


Weighing in at just 0.7lbs.and 10" in length, the IPC has become a must-have additional rescue device that is carried as well as traditional rescue gear to be able to raise wounded people off the floor more easily and be able to evacuate them with minimal personnel. See the regular way of using the IPC here:




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