November 25, 2014


Warrior Profile: Fabrizio "Veleno"

Name: Fabrizio "Veleno"

Nationality: Italian

Age: 35

Military Unit: Italian Army Advanced Combat Reconnaissance Team (ACRT)



Specialization: Instructor Tactical Carbine/Tactical Pistol, Instructor Counter IED, IED Shooter operator.


Where have you been deployed?  Bosnia 1 tour- Afghanistan 4 tours


What is the most unique thing about your unit? The sense of smell to find IEDs and return to base in one piece with zero injuries even when expectations were the worst.

What is your favorite Agilite product?

Telson 1 point weapon sling


What's the craziest military story you can tell?

"In 99 in Bosnia one of my countrymen (who did not speak a shred of English) was in charge of refueling  when a column of American Humvees showed up at our base and asked to be supplied with 'gazolina.' He filled them with DIESEL because in Italian 'diesel' is commonly called 'GASOLIO' ..... 

In the end the Americans had to continue on foot (in a very hostile area of Sarajevo) and we went to retrieve one of the most famous American corps crippled by Italian corporal  who did not speak English !!!
The lesson learned was that the ignorance of a single man can be very dangerous!"


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