October 02, 2014


IDF SF-Do you have what it takes?

Members of Tsevet Elite train to get into IDF Special Forces


Most people were still asleep at 5am this morning. Instead of staying in bed, The guys from IDF Special Forces preparation program Tsevet Elite had to start their 5-hour grueling mock try-out on the steep sand dunes of Tel Aviv's Tel Baruch beach, with infamous former IDF Counter-Terror and Krav Maga guru Micha Solomon.

These guys are training to get into the IDF's most elite units. Training with the Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) and Agilite Mat-Evac litter are just part of their regime to practice running a wounded team mate to safety as fast as possible and increase their chances of joining the ranks of Israel's Special Forces.

Would you have what it takes to join Israel's best of the best?







Two Agilite Med-Evac solutions at the same time.

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